202-354-8935The recent British divers in Norfolk found offshore world's longest Cretaceous rocks, its distance from the coast only one step away from the sea, only 25 feet (7.62 meters). But in the past 300000000 years, no one know that it exists.
Earlier this year, the divers on a rock where they think is plain survey, found that stretches over 20miles (32.19 kilometers ) tall arch rock and deep cracks. The marine sanctuary of the species are very abundant, including the corpus cavernosum, sea slugs and fish, experts have called it" the British Great Barrier Reef". This reef than the previous record holder -- Kent 's Saint coast chalk Barrier Reef in1.5 times.
At the age of 43, diver Rob Aspray research group obtained this discovery, he said:" this is like finding hidden under water is a natural Stonehenge." Si Purui is responsible for the leadership of the Marine Conservation Society of this research project, until he and20 members approved and funded, to detect the underwater structure, people realized how big is it. He said:" we found that it was more than 20 miles (32.19 km ) long, and has a very complex gully and arched structure, could not believe my own eyes. Some of them look like the lunar surface."
This also found3previously in the east coast have never seen the creature, they are the leopard goby, red strawberry anemone and the Atlantic ancula sea slugs. In addition, there still exist like rock, always a " smiley" tompot blenny. The next step of the research group to see how wide the reef. Si Purui said:" every time return here we will get more found. I never thought I would find this scale rocks in norfolk." Si Purui and the41 year old partner Dawn Watson has been diving in Beihai for 12 years, he knows the Norfolk County on the eastern side of offshore has chalk area, but he thinks it is very small.